Wed, Dec 31, 2014

Juggling is fun, you pick up lots of shiny clubs and keep them up in the air. Each club thrown brings new challenges and is different from the next.

Juggling is impressive, to each club you show the same level of attention carefully timing when it will next touch. Juggling is hard, concentration is required on each individual mid air club whilst simultaneously keeping an overview of the position of each. Imagine then juggling clubs with different weights. One club is heavier than others, requiring more care and energy. Another club is lighter but bigger, in order for it not to collide in mid air you have to hold it for longer. I like to think I am good at juggling projects. I have a long running dedication to making 1Password the greatest it can be but I also have a some side projects, both fun and serious. Side projects are important even if they are not profitable, they see the unconstrained, unleashed side of your creativity. They allow you to learn new skills, trial new technologies you normally wouldn’t and explore the niche area of your job you love the most. Side projects are your playground, go play. See also: Spinning plates