July Monthly Update

Tue, Jul 7, 2015

Cast of Back to the Future 30 years later at London Film and Comic Con. It’s supposed to be Summer in England, that should mean less rain but instead it is seemingly meaning more rain.

Here are a couple of things that are making my July. Meeting up with a friend from 1Password and hitting Comic con in London was great, seeing some of the Game of Thrones cast along with most of the Back to the future cast was something to cross of the bucket list.


Wayward Pines

An awesome drama with a great pace. I’m so glad this didn’t turn into endless questions.


A creepy AI drama where human looking robots are slowly replacing us. Great drama by Channel 4 and AMC. The first of hopefully many collaborations.

Amazing Race

Laura is seemingly hooked on the reality show. We don’t have a UK equivalent but its pretty entertaining.


Off to be the wizard

This is a great self published book that feels like a friend telling you about a crazy night of drinking. Martin, a 20 something geek finds a properties list for the whole human existence and continues to change his life one line of code at a time.


Ernest Cline’s second book after Ready Player One. I was waiting for this for a long time. Especially when I found out Wil Wheaton was recording the audiobook. There wasn’t really much character building but I’m a sucker for pop culture references and sci-fi. My plan next is to grab the Enders Game audiobook as I’ve heard it is similar in concept and is heavily referenced by Armada.


Hop along - Painted Shut

Female husky vocals with melodic guitar riffs. The vocals alone are enough to draw me in for repeat listening.

Ready Player One Soundtrack - Various Artists

The official companion to the book, all the referenced songs from the man himself. This is a great listen.