Drawing on the iPad Pro

Sun, May 29, 2016

I will first state that I have always found drawing difficult. The one thing I love about design is trying several possible combinations and layouts then gradually iterating to the best possible combination of them. The one thing about pencil and paper is how limited you are by how many times you can erase a line.

Lorelai GilmoreLorelai Gilmore in ProCreate

With the iPad and Pencil you simply don’t have this problem, you can erase as any times as you like without leaving a mark. This really helps me correct iterate and perfect. I am not afraid of trying new things.

I’ve been moving around apps looking at all the tools from Paper, Adobe Draw, Sketchbook Pro and ProCreate. So far I’m having a lot of fun but I am starting to settle on ProCreate. The brushes are really high quality and they have a tonne of blending modes, its a very nice app.

The Pencil feels great in the hand, its a little long but the weighting is perfect. The pressure sensitivity is also really nice and subtle, I don’t have to consciously push to get a thicker line.

Mrs Landingham Mrs Landingham Nathan Drake Nathan Drake

These are not remarkable works of art but I am drawing more and more things I’m sure I couldn’t do with traditional materials.

If you have an iPad Pro and are looking to draw more here are a couple of people to inspire you. * Jeff Delagado This guy is super talented I just started supporting him on Patreon to get some feedback on my work. * Ian McQue Insane concept skills, the paint strokes are beautiful. * Andrew Kim Really nice sketches some portraits and some concept work.