Experiments in art with robots

Using Midjourney AI to generate art has been a fascinating experiment for me as a hopeful oil painter, 3D artist, animator, insert-art-form-name-here. While AI-generated art may not possess the same level of control or quality as traditional art forms, it offers a unique challenge to communicate creative direction to a very literal instruction taking robot.

What I find particularly intriguing about this new experimental area is the ability to explore different art forms with a consistent interaction to hone, the single sentence prompt.

It is a fusion of human and machine, where I am the curator, the interpreter, and the collaborator, guiding the AI-generated art towards a final result that sometimes takes me by surprise. I am terrified to be training this robot to make these choices without me but it seems most tasks these days require convincing computers to do things that one day they might do themselves.

This post was written by my human fingers.