Apr 2022

Had to travel for work for the first time since “all this” began. California continues to hold some of my favourite sights, incredible to be surrounded by such an expanse of desert and mountain ranges. Take a look at the other photos on instagram.

Released episode two of Designer Discs, my podcast where I interview designers about their career and the music that influenced them. I spoke to Noah Stokes head of product and design at Brave Care. Take a listen to episode two with full music tracks. More episodes coming soon at sporadic intervals.

Recently I’ve been watching Top Boy and The Gilded Age two very different TV shows.

Mar 2022

I took my camera out to London for the weekend, this year my camera has mostly been used as a webcam so I was glad to give it some exercise. I managed to get some shots I was happy with of the Natural History Museum and Hampton Court Palace, both beautifully ornate buildings.

At the Natural History Museum, the Dodo skeleton was much bigger than I thought it would be, my photos are on instagram.

Recently I’ve been watching The West Wing and listening to Things are Great by Band of Horses. It’s everything you expect from Band of Horses, nothing more and nothing less.

Feb 2022

We’ve had a weekend of storms recently and this photo is from the last time I had some got some good miles and fresh air. I started cycling in September last year and since then I’ve done over 600 miles exploring the floods and hills of Norfolk in Winter. I am longing for Summer and cycling in less than 5 thermal layers, a feeling I haven’t yet experienced. Cycling is a slippery slope of clothing, accessories and the next bike – I am holding on best I can.

The one thing I’ve loved the most is finding a great place to stop. Breadsource is a classic but further afield there are some great resources like The Cake Crusader and the facebook group Norfolk Cycling Cake Stops.

Currently listening to itallwaves by Enemies, watching Reacher and playing Farcry 6.