January 1, 2015


My New Years resolution this year is a series of goals spanning travel, health, photography and work life.


Last year I invested time and small amounts of money into a couple of projects but nothing seriously. This year I’d like to mentor a couple of projects, a maximum of 2 but I’m waiting for someone with a good idea.

One Photo a Day

I tried this last year but I kept forgetting to take a camera. This year with the iPhone 6 being an amazing camera and the Sony RX100M2 being ultra portable I think I can do it. I like taking photos despite not being very good but I love looking through photos, a year of photos will be a great review for me. ####Update: 9th January After 9 photos, I am not happy with the quality of doing candid shots everyday. I am changing to 52 photos, one every week giving me time to think about every shot and plan where to go.

Dinner Parties

Recently I bought a sous vide machine and combined with my love of all things food I am going to try and hold more dinner parties. Hopefully the combination of sous vide steak and cards against humanity will be renowned. If we are real life friends, expect an invite soon.


Starting with Belize in January I hope to visit several new countries this year both with work and pleasure. Italy, Croatia are among some I hope to visit this year.

13% Fat Mass

Lastly is the one everyone goes for, weight loss. Except I don’t really want to loose weight I just want less fat I want to reduce my fat % by 3% from 16% to 13% not a massive goal but start small. I am going to cut down on the meals that don’t matter, as a family we don’t eat breakfast/lunch together so bran flakes at the office is fine.