May 6, 2015


There are many ways to quantify life along with many reasons. My happiness and motivation pushes me through tough spots by remembering I have more good times than bad.

I also build good habits through repetition, I used to use when it was lift but I found the constant reminders and breaking streaks never actually helped. The idea of Tally is simple and thankfully the developers AgileTortoise keep it that way. Tap the screen to increment and swipe down to decrement. You can change the value manually or hit the menu to see a list of current tallies. This app is under great active development including a today widget and upcoming Apple watch support which is going to be killer.

Currently I have tallies for feeling frustrated, exercising, eating healthy, feeling happy and saving money but that is only the beginning. I love opening the today view and seeing that my happy moments far outweigh my frustrations and the feeling of success that comes with eating healthy and getting that number beyond 0. I recently reset the number after coming back from the states and eating very badly. This approach to goals is also free of the guilt that comes with apps like HabitList as it’s just about increments, not about how many times in a row I do something. Breaking a streak adds guilt then I tend not to have the motivation to try again. This works great for me (despite the zeros in the photo), give it a try.