June 2, 2016

Keeping a Journal

I met Paul Mayne the man behind Day One on a Wednesday during one of the best weeks of my life last year in California. The meeting was almost fateful timing as that Monday I had decided that an event like visiting [redacted] in my life needed journaling.

Since then they have released version 2, for a while it was really awkwardly called Day One 2. I felt their pain over that naming issue. With version 2 they also realised the potential of their own sync service so this replaced Dropbox and iCloud, they’ve had a few outages one lasting over a day but overall it’s much nicer. Also multi-journals rock.

Keeping up with keeping a journal

I never really thought of myself as the journalling type, I am a keen photographer around personal events and I enjoy writing (even though I may be terrible) but I didn’t ever feel like I have enough interesting days in a row to keep up with it.

Day One with IFTTT really changed that. Any check-in from Swarm, photo from Instagram or event in a special calendar creates a basic post in Day One. Every evening I check my own journal and fill out the basic posts with anything that happened at work like call notes and personal events that I might need to get off my chest.

Amazing things about DayOne

I’ve been pretty specific about the way I journal but I honestly don’t think I would have created some of the amazingly personal content without it.

Things that could be better

Final words

Good software takes time and is expensive. I have no problem paying a premium for DayOne as it is one of the best apps on all my devices.