Twenty Nine

Here are twenty nine things I've been thinking about this year. This gets more difficult every year I write it but moving from Canada to a weird and different England has made this year an interesting list.

  1. One year until I’m 30.
  2. Being good at something is constantly asking how to get better.
  3. Getting better at product design means I need to be a better writer.
  4. Having solid goals keeps you moving even if you don’t even get close.
  5. Be there and be early.
  6. Price doesn’t equate to enjoyment.
  7. Naive optimism beats informed negativity.
  8. A one-on-one tutor is money well spent.
  9. I’m amazed at how some people think their opinion is a headline. Other times I am amazed at people's opinions that are headlines.
  10. It’s hard to balance going with the flow and being proactive.
  11. Fortnite and Overwatch are far too much fun.
  12. Double down on what you love.
  13. Show up and do what you say you will, it’ll get you surprisingly far.
  14. You can never go wrong with Fleetwood Mac.
  15. I can cope with things when I break them down into smaller parts.
  16. It’s okay to have a lazy morning.
  17. My journal only contains highs and lows, I should document the boring days too.
  18. Saturday morning 90s bad action movies are my current jam.
  19. Doing something and being wrong is better than doing nothing.
  20. Brevity is underrated.
  21. I don’t need coffee to be the perfect Panamanian Geisha but if its within grasp why not.
  22. I’m not sure when free speech started becoming the right to insult people, I do not like it.
  23. Good feedback is an art form both in design and general interaction with people.
  24. You can do anything with a good story.
  25. I do love a good view.
  26. Looking at your phone less won’t make you really miss anything.
  27. Don’t hesitate.
  28. Caring about other people’s problems put yours in perspective.
  29. I still cannot exercise regularly.