The Big Canadian Adventure

As I write this I am laying on the floor in the middle of the empty living room, all our large items like the sofa having been put into long term storage.

This is because I'm moving to Toronto, Canada. It's been a tonne of work getting to this point where we have less than 3 days before leaving.

The first mammoth task has been shrinking a 4 bedroom house into 8 suitcases and a storage box in middle Norfolk. The last week has been a total blur of packing and a rediscovery of tucked away memories.

The thing I am most looking forward to about Toronto apart from living closer to the office is the opportunities. There are so many meetups, courses and different types of food in a larger city compared to Norwich. Don't get me wrong I love Norwich, it'll always be my home and getting back will feel great whenever that day comes.

I've travelled a fair amount in my life and been to Toronto several times but I still expect a fair amount of culture shock. Here are my main concerns (again this might not be interesting unless you are moving countries but this is cathartic);

Now I've arrived I can write about the awesomeness

There is a whole world of awesome in Toronto and I'm really enjoying exploring the city.