Twenty Eight

Here are twenty eight things. I used to write this with lessons I’d learned but it slowly morphed into just a list of realisations and aspirations over the year.

  1. Ramen might be the discovery of the year.
  2. Japanese Fried Chicken comes close.
  3. Swimming is my meditation.
  4. I spend way too much attention on researching and buying things I probably don’t need.
  5. I should declutter more often.
  6. Meeting new people is difficult outside of work.
  7. I think I’m a morning person now.
  8. I’m thankful I don’t have many problems a tea and biscuit can’t solve.
  9. Excitement and intention outweigh skill when hiring.
  10. I should throw more dinner parties.
  11. Don’t just ask for feedback, push for it.
  12. A well articulated, concise sentence wins arguments.
  13. A well articulated, concise sandwich wins anything.
  14. I cannot have enough mentor relationships.
  15. I need to diversify my view more.
  16. Pulling a man boob muscle is worse than dislocating your shoulder.
  17. I want to make more of an effort to join small communities.
  18. I’m still not exercising enough.
  19. You can’t win them all, choose where to spend your energy.
  20. I should make physical things more.
  21. I always need to read more and exercise more.
  22. Twenty Eight is the year my wardrobe added colour.
  23. It’s very easy to step up in one area of your life and let down others.
  24. I’m happy I got to the stage of liking some music in nearly every genre.
  25. Peru, Iceland and New York are my travel goals before 30.
  26. Working hard makes relaxing better.
  27. I play way too much Overwatch.
  28. 30 is coming.