What made my 2022

A selection of things (not 21) that made my 2021. It was a crappy year for a lot of people, most of it was lockdown and working from the same chair I am sitting in now. These were the highlights of the mundane and often anxiety ridden 2021. 2022 so far for me has meant knocking one off the bucket list already, I hope that trend of being less mundane continues but let's have the good excitement please.

  1. Getting three vaccine shots
  2. Time with my family after lockdown
  3. Tabletop games with friends
  4. Discovering cycling
  5. Becoming a better manager of people
  6. Getting a nice pair of glasses
  7. A single anxious cinema trip
  8. A London museum long weekend
  9. A Cotswolds family jaunt
  10. Settling in after a stressful house move
  11. Built my dream office, just missing a dream armchair
  12. Baking for others
  13. A new sofa
  14. The Project Hail Mary Audiobook
  15. Nostalgic morning radio shows

What I hope 2022 brings: