Introducing Designer Discs

I have a love for radio, the conversational tone with interviews, general chat and music. The mix for me is almost better than straight up podcasts. When I found a way to embed full tracks into a podcast I knew I wanted to give it ago, I used this as an excuse to chat with some designers I had always wanted to and Designer Discs was born.

The format is essentially an interview broken up by five pieces of music from the designer's life, something meaningful to them. I ask the questions I've always wanted to around their experience and inspirations.

I hope you enjoy listening it as much as I enjoyed making it, you can find all the episodes exclusively on Spotify (unfortunately due to music licensing the podcast is only available on Spotify).

More episodes coming sporadically in the future, subscribe on Spotify or follow me on twitter to catch the next episode.

Episode 1 with Simon Collison

Episode 2 with Noah Stokes